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How To Use Wise Option eLearning

Wise Option is pleased to provide to you detailed eLearning lessons on a variety of topics.  Each lesson is a recorded demonstration that will actually SHOW you how to use Wise Option to perform many different tasks.  The lessons are divided into categories that resemble the chapters in the Wise Option Manual and should be used in addition to the Manual.  Most lessons have an accompanying lesson in the Manual that can be printed for a written reference. 

When you click on the link for the specific eLearning lesson, a new window will open and the lesson will begin playing.  Each lesson is designed to begin playing prior to the entire lesson being loaded.  On high-speed connections, the file will load faster than you will be viewing it.  If you have a slow internet connection, and experience some delays while you are viewing the lesson, you can click the pause button on the viewer which will allow the video to continue to load. After a few moments you may click on the play button and resume the lesson.  How long you will need to wait depends on the connection speed that you have.   

You can press 'F11' to toggle the screen to Full Screen and then back.

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