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These are some of the unique features
of Wise Option that come standard on all versions.

  • Quick Search - Search for either horse or customer by any of the following:
    • Horse: Name / Neck Band / Sort ID
    • Customer: Names / Sort ID / Phone / Zip
  • Customer Management Form - Detailed customer information at a glance with a complete list of horses and patients.
  • Boarding Module - Use both daily and monthly rates to meet all your clients needs. Multiple rates allowed per horse helps in invoicing daily activities such as Regumate or supplements.
  • Departure Reports - Contains as much or little information as you would like including: Immunization Record, Future Reminders, Breeding Records, and Flush/ET Records.
  • Multiple Procedure Entry - Enter multiple tasks for multiple horses at one time.
  • Procedure Management Form - Allows you to view, print or edit multiple procedures based on horse, task, professional, status and many others.
  • Triggers - Create triggers to generate multiple procedures at one time. For example, you can schedule a pregnant mare for all her vaccinations, palpations and other tasks off of one trigger. Set it up once and use it over and over.
  • Recurring Tasks Report - Shows due dates of tasks that you have set as recurring based on your settings.
  • Form Letters - Easy to use form letters makes client communication effortless.
  • Advanced Billing Module
    • Syndicate / Multiple Owners - Automatically calculates bill for horses with multiple owners based on percentage owned.
    • Billing Checklist - Easy to follow checklist that will ensure smooth billing every cycle.
    • Horse & Customer Review from within the billing module.
      Unbilled Procedures Report - Allows you to review the procedures prior to billing.
    • Pre-Billing Report - A consolidated detail of all customer accounts and invoices that were created.
    • Charge Service Fee - specify your own interest rate.
    • Summary Account Statement / Invoices - Easy to read customer statements that de- tail all credits, invoices, previous and current balance. Invoices are per horse and include details of each procedure for that period.
  • End of Period Reports - Reports based on a specific period that contain details about credits and charges that can be divided into categories and groups. These reports are also exportable to Excel for simple transfer into popular accounting programs.
  • Account Reports - Including Aging Accounts Receivable and Current Account Balances.
  • Labels for Mailing - Makes customer mailings simple.
Below are some of the unique features
of the Hospital Version
  • Patient Files - Complete information on every patient made readily accessible that can be kept separated from horses in training or for breeding.
  • Progress Notes - Invaluable tool to manage patient’s care while hospitalized. Many changes such as to diet, location, treatment, etc. automatically write progress notes which can be viewed easily from the Hospital Record Summary Card.
  • Nutrition Selection - Set diet based on patient’s need that can be modified at any time while the patient is hospitalized.
  • Location Selection - Set and change location at any time for a hospitalized patient.
  • Status Selection (ICU, Quarantine) - The patient’s status affects the way Wise Option calculates the necessary administration fees.
  • Board
    • Multiple Hospitalization Rates - Multiple rates allow you to bill patients differently based on status, nutrition, location, etc.
    • Calculated from Check-In to Check-Out - Upon discharge, Wise Option will calculate board based on the options that you have selected for each patient.
  • Detailed Treatment List - The heart of the Wise Option Hospital Version. It Includes procedures to be performed, or standing orders, listed by hour for each hospitalized patient, as well as a way to mark that procedures have been performed or are currently set as pending. The Treatment list functions as the best way to keep accurate medical records by recording the professional performing the task as well as the one entering the information. By simply keeping an accurate medical record, you are adding procedures to the customers invoice. The need to invoice from a hand-written list of events based on the patient's folder has been replaced with real time record keeping and billing.
    Patient Treatments - Enter doctor's orders to each patient for the entire treatment including, the procedure, quantity, number of times per day as well as time of day to be performed, length of treatment, and any notes to be displayed with that treatment on the Treatment List. Each Treatment can be interrupted or altered based on the patient's needs at any time.
  • Multiple Doctor Entry - Each procedure requires a prescribing and performing professional. This feature can be utilized to generate income and other reports for a period.
  • Professional Discharge Notes - This includes nutrition, bandage, return, and general instructions, as well as medication, both dispensed and administered.
  • Invoicing - Detailed invoices that can either be created at the time of discharge or whenever is convenient for you. Each discharge can be viewed and edited for priced adjustments prior to creating the customer's invoice.
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