The ULTIMATE in Equine Management Software
Our Story
The program Wise Option began as the thesis for a Masters Degree at Oklahoma City University. Eduardo Almeida, founder and president of Wise Option, was asked to design a computer program that could be marketable to the 'Real World'. During dinner with some extended family members, Eduardo learned of a real need in the horse industry for a program that could not only manage the customers and horses for a business, but also do a good job managing the breeding aspect. Eduardo decided that this was a need that he could meet. He talked to and eventually developed relationships with Todd and Heidi Arvidson, Bob Moore Farms, and Royal Vista Southwest. During the initial development process, Eduardo would watch the actions of the staff at each location, doing specific tasks with needless redundancy. He had a unique point-of-view of how these tasks should be accomplished because he has no background in horses or any other preconceived ideas of how things have always been done. In February 2002 he had created, with Ranch Managers, a much more efficient way of managing the important records that these farms kept on a daily basis.
With the growing number of users and the overwhelming response to Ranch Managers, Eduardo began the long and complex process of becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner. As part of this process, in October 2005 the name was changed to Wise Option – Equine Enterprise Management. Several modifications had to be made in order to Microsoft standards for excellence. Wise Option became a Microsoft Certified Partner in May 2006. This is a great accomplishment for any software!
As the number of users has grown, Wise Option, Inc has done the same. Wise Option, Inc. is no longer one developer, but rather a team of highly trained and experienced individuals equipped to provide their current users the best Equine Management Software available.
With the recent development and release of the Hospital Version, Wise Option, Inc. has set out again to make the process of keeping Equine Hospitals and Clinics as efficient as possible. With the help of the Four Sixes in Guthrie, TX, Wise Option, Inc has replicated the success of the Training and Reproduction Versions in the new Hospital Version.
Through the years, Wise Option has become so much more than a thesis. With the Training, Reproduction, and Hospital Versions, Wise Option proves, year after year, to be the Ultimate in Equine Management Software.

Wise Option, Inc.