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Stop accepting the idea that the way it was is the way it should be!
Let Wise Option Reproduction Version make your life easier like we have done for numerous others!
“This program is very unique and offers many beneficial functions that benefit especially the quarter horse business, which utilizes artificial insemination, embryo transfer, cooled transported and frozen semen. There is no other software program that I am aware of offers what Wise Option does.”
Glenn Blodgett, DVM
6666 Ranch
Reproduction Version
The Reproduction Version of Wise Option provides quick, accurate, and cost-effective access and management of all horse and client records that today’s successful breeding farms require.
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Wise Option’s first priority is efficiency and accuracy. When you couple the two together, profit increases!
  • Efficiency – Time is Money!! From the small trainer to the commercial breeding farm, both must be efficient with record keeping and billing. By listening to our clients when they request ways to make computer work less time consuming, we have continued to build a better program and get people out of the office quicker.

When a mare is checked as in foal, why should you have to mark it on her mare card, indicate the pregnancy on the stallion breeding log, bill the client, calculate her due date and record it on a paper calendar? You shouldn’t. Wise Option does it for you by simply by checking her in foal. Also, keep in mind that by simply keeping accurate breeding records, your stallion breeding reports for the associations are being compiled at the same time.

  • Accuracy – Accuracy is key when talking about mare and stallion records. Better records lead to better conception rates and increased profit.

You also have to bill accurately to make money. There are so many horse facilities that lose money every day by not billing properly. Whether it is not charging for a bandage or calculating 18 instead of 19 days of board, dollars a day does make a difference!

  • Professionalism – When owners are paying for trainers, breeding farms and vet clinics to manage their horses, it is imperative that they be provided instant and accurate information.
In this day and age of laptops, cell phones, blackberries, and wireless everything, most horse owners conduct business all day long. There are plenty of times when owners need information that will determine their next business move.
Having all of the training, billing, breeding and hospital records in a consolidated place can change the way that an entire operation is perceived.
When breeding farms are responsible for managing outside horses, it is imperative that they be provided a way to keep accurate records and get invoices to clients in a quick and efficient manner. Wise Option is an invaluable tool in this process. To see the specific features of the Reproduction Version click here.
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