The ULTIMATE in Equine Management Software

These are some of the unique features
of Wise Option that come standard on all versions.

  • Quick Search - Search for either horse or customer by any of the following:
    • Horse: Name / Neck Band / Sort ID
    • Customer: Names / Sort ID / Phone / Zip
  • Customer Management Form - Detailed customer information at a glance with a complete list of horses and patients.
  • Boarding Module - Use both daily and monthly rates to meet all your clients needs. Multiple rates allowed per horse helps in invoicing daily activities such as Regumate or supplements.
  • Departure Reports - Contains as much or little information as you would like including: Immunization Record, Future Reminders, Breeding Records, and Flush/ET Records.
  • Multiple Procedure Entry - Enter multiple tasks for multiple horses at one time.
  • Procedure Management Form - Allows you to view, print or edit multiple procedures based on horse, task, professional, status and many others.
  • Triggers - Create triggers to generate multiple procedures at one time. For example, you can schedule a pregnant mare for all her vaccinations, palpations and other tasks off of one trigger. Set it up once and use it over and over.
  • Recurring Tasks Report - Shows due dates of tasks that you have set as recurring based on your settings.
  • Form Letters - Easy to use form letters makes client communication effortless.
  • Advanced Billing Module
    • Syndicate / Multiple Owners - Automatically calculates bill for horses with multiple owners based on percentage owned.
    • Billing Checklist - Easy to follow checklist that will ensure smooth billing every cycle.
    • Horse & Customer Review from within the billing module.
      Unbilled Procedures Report - Allows you to review the procedures prior to billing.
    • Pre-Billing Report - A consolidated detail of all customer accounts and invoices that were created.
    • Charge Service Fee - specify your own interest rate.
    • Summary Account Statement / Invoices - Easy to read customer statements that de- tail all credits, invoices, previous and current balance. Invoices are per horse and include details of each procedure for that period.
  • End of Period Reports - Reports based on a specific period that contain details about credits and charges that can be divided into categories and groups. These reports are also exportable to Excel for simple transfer into popular accounting programs.
  • Account Reports - Including Aging Accounts Receivable and Current Account Balances.
  • Labels for Mailing - Makes customer mailings simple.

Below are some of the unique features
of the Reproduction Version

Mare Management

  • Daily Worksheet - A consolidated worksheet that is generated by each mare's reschedule date and any reminders you have set for any horse including males.
  • Mare Summary Card - A 'Mare Card' were you can access anything about that mare. It includes links to the Mare Record, Breeding Log, Flush and ET Log, Owner, etc.
  • Palpation List - Can be sorted name, neck band, location, etc.
  • Automatic Palpation Charge - Based on your settings, you can automatically charge for each palpation as you enter her record for the day. You can also differentiate between a palpation and a pregnancy check and charge accordingly.
  • Mare Barn Backup on Hard Copy - A printable record of the days palpations for a backup.
  • Easy Mare Rescheduling Calendar - As soon as you enter the mares palpation, you are offered the chance to reschedule that mare. Using this easy reschedule calendar , you can choose a specific number of days from today or pick a specific date you would like to see her again.
  • Teasing Data - Enter teasing data into the mare's teasing log for reference when palpating. You are also offered the chance to reschedule her right from the teasing module.
  • Breeding Log - Record of all breedings entered that can be sorted by mare, owner, stallion, etc. Also includes due date and foaling date.
  • Breed Scheduling Book - Schedule each mare to be bred to the specific stallion. Easy access from the Daily Worksheet.
  • Multiple Contracts for Different Stallions - Keep track of each mare's breeding contracts. Set the breeding order on mares with multiple contracts for one breeding season.
  • Flush Log - Manage the mares that are scheduled for flushes as well as the results of each flush
  • Embryo Transfer Log - Offers easy embryo transfer tracking by allowing many sort options. Can also be exported to Excel to help create any statistics you would like.
  • Pregnancy Check - Pregnancy check button allows you to document each pregnancy check on her mare record with out any extra steps. Each pregnancy will be added to the Stallion Breeding Report for the associations by using this Pregnancy Check.
  • Foaling Due Date Report and Foal Out Report - One report of each mare's due date and pregnancy information and one report that contains each mare's foal out information.
  • List of Mares Sorted by Category / Status - Broodmares, Donors, Recipients - See the status for each mare in an easy to read report

Stallion Management

  • Stallion Breeding Report (Association) - Auto generated reports for the breed association based on pregnancy information put into Wise Option.
  • Stallion Breeding Analysis Report - Comprehensive stallion analysis based on collection and pregnancy information entered.
  • Contract Management - Helps manage contacts for many stallions with over 12 fields to enter data specific to your business.
  • Cooled Semen Shipping Request - Enter each request for semen with mare, stallion, and shipping information, and follow that with the actual shipment details from the collection.
  • Collection Log - Keep track of important detail of each collection.
  • Collection Management - From each collection, track breeding of on-onsite mares as well as shipping and freezing semen. *
  • Equitainer Tracking - Enter equitainer information with the shipment. From shipment log, sort by equitainers that have been returned or are still out.

* Frozen semen collection available only with Frozen Module

Frozen Module

Frozen Module NOT included in the Reproduction Version
but is available for purchase separately.
Must have Reproduction Version to use Frozen Semen and Vitrified Embryos.

  • Frozen Semen Inventory - Track inventory per stallion, tank, etc, or sort by stallion owner to get complete inventory for an owner with multiple stallions. Enter inventory information such as straws per dose, total straws, etc.
  • Tank Management / Efficiency - Easily track tank efficiency and nitrogen refill information through tank management.
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