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Stop accepting the idea that the way it was is the way it should be!
Let Wise Option Training Version make your life easier like we have done for numerous others!
“I have seen a decrease of 75% of my time spent in the office on the computer. Wise Option is quick and easy to use and I no longer dread office work. I have found the program to be very user friendly....The goal of Wise Option is to make your life easier, and it has definitely seen to that. I highly recommend Wise Option to anyone in the horse business.”
Heidi Arvidson
Todd Arvidson Reining Horses
Training Version
The Training Version of Wise Option provides quick, accurate, and cost-effective access and management of all horse and client records that today’s successful trainers require.
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Increase Profit
Time is Money!! Reduce time spent in the office by utilizing a user-friendly management program that will help end redundancy in record keeping and billing. By simply keeping accurate records on clients’ horses, your monthly invoices are being compiled for you. Just tell Wise Option which records you would like to bill and then print your invoices
  • Efficiency – By listening to our clients when they request ways to make computer work less time consuming, we have continued to build a better program and get people out of the office quicker.
  • Accuracy – You also have to bill accurately to make money. There are so many horse facilities that lose money every day by not billing properly. Whether it is not charging for the bandage or calculating 18 instead of 19 days of board, dollars a day does make a difference!
When trainers are responsible for managing outside horses, it is imperative that they be provided a way to keep accurate records and get invoices to clients in a quick and efficient manner. Wise Option is an invaluable tool in this process.
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